I had severe episodes where my breathing was impaired due to my abs being out of alignment. Dr. Umansky was able to precisely target the ab that was causing my issues and got my system straightened out. After the first session, I was immediately relieved.
— Risa C.
I have been a patient of Dr. Umansky’s for many years due to low back and shoulder problems. As a result of her care, my shoulder tendinitis has been alleviated and my back problems have since not reoccurred. I really feel great now!

Dr. Umansky has my highest recommendation for her knowledge and caring
— Ellen
I started seeing Dr. Umansky when I developed severe pain in my back. I didn’t know what the injury was or how I caused it, but I was in so much pain that I needed to find a doctor who could cure it and fast.

I had considered a chiropractor but I had been to one years ago and although it helped, I didn’t like the manipulations and cracking of my body.

But from my first visit with Dr. Umanksy it was a different experience. I started to feel relief in a few days. The pain was subsiding. Her techniques and care are far different from my previous experience. It’s like going for relaxing spa treatments.
— Dana
I used to have terrible headaches on a weekly basis and now I rarely have them. It as relieved the pain my life.
— Allysia M.
When I started care with Dr. Umansky I had numbness/ tingling in my left hand. The pain would start at my neck and run down my arm. I had a hard time at work and could not get sleep very well.

It took a few months but now I’m pain free and have been for quite some time. I still come to get adjusted but for quite some time the pain has not returned. I’m lucky to have found the right person to help me.
— Frank
Dr. Umansky is competent, present, informative, friendly, thorough, and highly efficient. Seeing her has drastically not only lessened my back & knee pain. She has changed me from head to toe.
Each appointment you are given her full attention and you never feel as if you are in a chop shop or the dreaded office visit!!
— T.J.